Move-In Day

The Big Day finally arrived. All of my friends had already left for college, and now it was my turn. First, I had to say goodbye to my dog. This was the hardest part of the day. Then, it was time to leave. After arriving, I had to quickly check-in before loading in my stuff. My floor in Whitman College looks like a hotel. Princeton definitely pays attention to aesthetics. I met all of my roommates; they are all nice. They hail from Queens, New York, Princeton, New Jersey, and Seoul, South Korea.

I met with my advisee group (called “zee group” for short), which is composed of all the freshmen in my hall. My Residential College Adviser (RCA also known as RA at other universities) is the undergraduate student government president. She is very helpful. Next, I went to a brief opening meeting at Whitman College. When it was finished, I met one of the deans, Dr. Alexis Andres, who graduated from Caesar Rodney High School. After that, I had to say goodbye to my family.

The entirety of The Great Class of 2020 filed into McCarter Theatre for opening remarks. Our speakers included the director of admissions, the director of diversity, the alumni association president, and my very own RCA. All of the Whitmanites ate dinner in our warehouse sized Hogwarts dinning hall. Thanks Meg (this is what we say every time we like/don’t like something about the college). At the end of the day, there was a class ice cream party in East Pyne where they gave free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream! I’m sold on Princeton.