My Country Club College: The Aesthetics of Princeton Part I

If there are only two things that Princeton is known for, they are Albert Einstein and the university’s aesthetics. Unfortunately, the former is no longer with us, but there is plenty of the latter. On this evening, I took a walk around the extreme southern part of campus to experience the mystical land known as Forbes College.

Forbes is one of the residential colleges at Princeton and usually finds itself at the butt of campus jokes because of its long distance from the other buildings. Forbesians (students in Forbes) have to take “The Walk” to get anywhere. Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 12.00.58 PM.png

Living in Whitman, Forbes is not too far away, so I decided to make a visit. Forbes was at one time a hotel before the University purchased it. This immediately becomes apparent after viewing its façade. On the inside, the college definitely looks like a country club, very similar to Maple Dale for my friends in Delaware. Yet, the best part about it is the view in the back which overlooks the golf course. The soaring tower from the graduate school looms over the field. Forbes has a much quieter, relaxed ambiance compared to some of the other colleges. Supposedly, they have a fantastic Sunday brunch with a chocolate fountain. I will report on that after I dine at all of the residential colleges.

During the walk back to Whtiman, I could not help but notice how much Princeton resembles a castle at night.

I am sure that this aspect of it will be fun during the late fall around Halloween.