The End of Vacation

This will be my last daily post for a while now that I will have actual things to do with classes starting tomorrow.

I began the day by going to a meeting with my academic adviser. We planned my courses for the first semester.

I then went to a workshop by the Princeton Debate Panel to prepare prospective members for tryouts who had no high school debate experience. It was fascinating. I later returned to Whig Hall to watch a model debate. The debate was about a fictional device in the future that would allow people to buy and sell years of their lives. The motion was: this house supports the creation of a market for “the box” that can buy and sell life. Instead of being a debate about the morality of selling sections of people’s lives, as the government (pro side) had expected, the opposition turned it into an economic issue by arguing that the government should nationalize this product (key words “creation of a market”). It became a debate about the philosophy of individual choice versus government control over a market. Whenever someone mentioned a point that the audience agreed with, everyone hit the specially designed armrests on their chairs, as is customary in the British Parliament. These students are some of the best debaters in the country if not the world. My tryout is Thursday evening. Video 1Video 2 (really good)


PDP workshop


Students watch the mock debate

For dinner, all of the Whitmanites gathered in the dining hall to say goodbye to some administrators. They had a chocolate fountain and a photo booth.

Next we attended the annual “Clash of the Colleges” competition. It featured cheers, games, and singing. Whitman won in 2015, but Wilson captured the trophy for 2016.

Video 1Video 2,

My day finished with a glow party on the eve of the first day of classes. It had free cupcakes, fried Oreos, and Rita’s water ice. The saying is true, Princeton is free. See mom and dad, this is what the tuition is going towards.

Video 1Video 2Video 3