Friday into Saturday

Time seems to move very slowly here. Although it feels as though I have been at Princeton for months, it has only been two weeks (not that I am complaining about this, I have enjoyed it). Whenever I walk to class, I always take a moment to enjoy the stunning vistas at Princeton.

And realize that a lot of tourists come here too. I see at least one American and one Chinese (yes, they have their own) tour group every day.


Why are there so many tourists around here?

I then went on a scavenger hunt to find a Picasso statue on campus. It had been moved a few years ago from the Art Museum to Spelman Halls, which is conveniently located near Whitman College.

Friday evening was very fun. First, I went to the Princeton Triangle Club’s Frosh Week show. For those of you who have not heard of it, the Triangle Club is renowned in the world of collegiate theatre. It is a traveling musical troupe that is like a cross between Monty Python and a Broadway musical group. Their alumni include: writer F. Scott Fitzgerald, actor Jimmy Stewart, and actress Brooke Shields. All of their vignettes are written by students. From their show, I learned that we lie east of the sun and west of the moon, you have to have that Ivy League look, Princeton is like an old folks home, you get sent to Yale for breaking the Honor Code (New Jersey > New Haven), and that we all live in an orange bubble. Around midnight, I went to see an improv show by Quipfire.


Watching the Triangle Club’s Frosh Week show

On Saturday morning, I went on a walk around campus to see some of its sights. They were as spectacular as always.

I strolled over to Frist to see the classroom where Albert Einstein taught.


Albert Einstein’s classroom

I made a quick visit to Campus Club on Prospect Avenue. At one time, it was an independent Eating Club, however it fell on hard times, causing it to close. The University bought Campus and transformed it into a social building for all Princeton students. Campus Club is usually at the butt of jokes because it does not serve alcohol, unlike the other Eating Clubs. As an underclassman, I will probably not see the interiors of these other clubs until my sophomore spring, so I decided to look around with the intention of getting a feel for Eating Clubs. It very much seemed like a country club, thereby reinforcing my previous observations.

After leaving Campus Club, I walked around Lewis Library and looked at the “Treehouse,” a quiet and very well lit study room that has views of the treetops. The silence was stifling.


The Treehouse

I rode the elevator to the top of Fine Hall, the mathematics department’s building. Fine Hall is quite possibly the ugliest building on campus from an aesthetics perspective. Yet its great height makes up for this deficiency. From the top, I had sweeping views of the surrounding landscape.


Looking out from the 12th floor of  Fine Hall

When I returned, I received an e-mail saying that I had not been accepted to the debate team. Maybe I will try out again in the spring. Fine with me, I will take my skills to a more inclusive club, so I went to the opening meeting of Speak with Style. I think it is cool how a professional speech coach for business executives comes to their meetings.

On a different note, the acapella groups our out and recruiting in force. They are becoming aggressive. Maybe I should join one of them…nah.


Another acapella flyer


McCosh Hall

I ate dinner at Hogwarts and then went on a quick walk through town. There were a lot of dapper people leaving some event on Nassau Street. Many of them went to some charity dinner event on one of the back roads. It featured a band and a woman singing jazz in French. Yours Truly tried to find a back entrance, but there were fearsome bouncers at all of the openings. Princeton (the town) seemed rather lively this evening.

It should also be noted that I saw several groups of what I can only describe as “gold diggers” from other colleges in New Jersey out looking for Princeton men (trust me, I overheard a few of their conversations). Luckily, with my juvenile visage, I was able to evade them.

On my walk back, I saw fireworks that were launched from the football stadium. When they finished, I heard the sound of horns in the distance, so I followed them to the Woodrow Wilson School. It was the Princeton band. Traditionally, whenever the football team wins, they strip down to their underwear and play in the School’s fountain! It was quite the sight. There were also a lot of dorm parties tonight.

I ended the night by watching another improv show.

Whitman College at Night: