Week in Review 09/18-24/16

My posts will become less frequent now that I have actual work to do during the week. That being said, the first week is done!

My classes went on as usual but with a bit more work. I received more free stuff this week, like a rain jacket. Princeton is free!


Whitman College/Princeton University rain jacket

Someone got stuck in Whitman’s elevator on Tuesday. Five fire trucks and an ambulance came to the college to rescue the poor freshman.

I dined on Argentine beef sandwiches for lunch at Forbes College one day. Then, I relaxed in the backyard. Again, I say that Forbes is a country club.


Looking at the Graduate School tower across the golf course as I relax at the “Country Club”

I attended two guest lectures this week. The first was by Dr. Robert Reich, a professor of politics at Stanford University (not the former Secretary of Labor). He showed us the ethics and moral quandaries surrounding service. The second lecture was by historian Fergus Bordewich. He talked about the First Congress and the politics as to why it was so productive.

I also went to a class by the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning. It was about properly managing time. For those of you who do not know, McGraw is a University-sanctioned tutoring center, among other things. Students are not allowed to hire outside tutors.

On Thursday evening, I ate dinner at the Graduate College. More on that in another post. My RCA invited me to ice cream, so we went to the Bent Spoon. It was good as always. My PAA (Peer Academic Adviser) invited me to ice cream the following night, and we went to Thomas Sweets. It was also excellent.

I went walking for four hours on Friday evening.

First, I walked around town. There were many families looking at shops and eating at restaurants. It was a little strange, for me, to see families with little children because they represent where I was 15 years ago and where I will (probably) be in 15 years. The ice cream shop Halo Pub, which is neither halo nor pub, usually hires a local band to play for a few hours.

Second, I explored Firestone Library. More on that too in a later post.

Third, I walked along Prospect Avenue. As always, The Street was quiet at 10:50 PM, but a flip switched at 11:00 PM that opened the floodgates to the masses. I saw something incredibly funny. A student was wearing the pink bunny costume from “A Christmas Story.” Unfortunately, my pictures are as blurry as the original Bigfoot video, but you get the idea. Dorm parties.

On the way back to my dorm, I witnessed an interesting tradition. For whatever reason, I saw a few acapella groups meeting in the dark of night under the arches, most memorably under East Pyne and Class of 1879 Arch. I think they are cults. The Princeton Tiger recently uncovered a conspiracy behind the Honor Code. What else is the school hiding?

Watch “Old Nassau” under Class of 1879 Arch.

Jokes aside, they are very talented groups of people who can sing at a level that I will probably never attain. I only make fun of the acapella groups because their market is saturated and they try to recruit new members more than any other organization on campus.

Saturday morning, I visited the University Chapel again. It was beautiful. The organist was playing a few songs. When he was bored, he would switch away from church music and play a tune from the ballpark or skating rink.

I walked around town again on Saturday evening. Nothing new. Violinist outside of the Garden Theater.


Nassau Street around 9:00 PM

I saw another oddity as I walked back to my dorm. A group of mildly intoxicated people in suits were heading, presumably, toward an eating club. I could smell them from fifty feet away. This is probably closer to the stereotypical image of Princeton that you had in mind.


Guys in suits walking to an eating club

A number of the performing arts groups have a funny/weird tradition. Whenever someone makes it into the group following a tryout, they kidnap them in a funny way (for the life of me I cannot remember the term for this). Thursday evening, I saw some people, one with a huge boom box, yell, “we’re coming for you Matt” as they entered a Whitman dorm. Saturday night, two different groups came to get some students in my zee group. Now, as I write this at 11:00 PM on Saturday, I can hear several more arts groups yelling as they cross the Whitman courtyard from dorm to dorm, looking for their next target.

Now for some squirrel pictures!

And more tourist pictures!

After evaluating the quality of my journalism and photography skills, I have decided that I will pursue a career at TMZ.

Lastly, I found some sound recordings from Convocation and Step Sing. Convocation music, Cheer 1, Cheer 2