A Princetonian in New York

I broke out of the Orange Bubble today! Huzzah!

Whitman College periodically offers trips to New York City. For free! Or, I can see a Broadway play for ~$25. Once again, Princeton is free!

First, a big thanks to my RGS for getting me a spot on the bus. I was on the dreaded waitlist until she found some openings.

It’s been three years since I was last in New York City. We departed around 10:30 AM and arrived at noon by the Port Authority bus station. My group went to a bubble tea shop in the beginning. We passed a Korean community parade.

My group briefly walked around St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth Avenue. It was magnificent!

Everyone strolled around the city a bit. We spent some time in Rockefeller Plaza.



In the Rockefeller Plaza Lego store

For lunch, we ate at Halal Guys. The food it the spot. When they say “spicy sauce,” they mean it. A small drop will set your mouth aflame.

My roommate and I walked around Central Park for over an hour. We stumbled upon a hilarious street group called the Afrobatics.

We had some ice cream at Momofuku’s Milk Bar. I ordered a cereal milk ice cream. As per the name, it tasted like cereal in milk. It’s rather odd that I know what cereal in milk tastes like considering I always eat my cereal dry. Moving on…

On the way back, we stopped by the tower of a certain Republican presidential candidate. Although I do not support him for office, let me say that he knows how to construct a building. It was classy. And also way out of my price range. It is true: everything has his name on it. Trump Tower. Trump Bar. Trump Grill. Trump Ice Cream Parlor. Trump Shops. Does he have an ego problem?

We grabbed some banana pudding from the Magnolia Bakery. I consider myself somewhat of a banana pudding connoisseur; it was some of the best that I have ever had!

And we also walked through Times Square.

This was an excellent trip. I was happy to break out of the Orange Bubble for a day.




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