Week in Review 09/24-10/1/16

The week is over! Time to relax. Here is how it went:

Sunday– I ate brunch with a friend, who is also a Princetonian from Dover, at Forbes College. The chocolate fountain was worth the walk. Later, I received word that I had been accepted as an undergraduate fellow to the James Madison Program.

Monday– I went to see a guest lecture in the University Chapel. It was between Princeton’s Professor Robert George and Hamza Yusuf. They are the most influential Christian and Islamic scholars in the United States, respectively. Both are very devout in their faiths and have received numerous death threats because of their academic opinions on controversial social issues. For an hour, they had a discussion on Abrahamic faith and its role in modern times, known as “The Age of Feeling.” I highly encourage readers to listen to some or all of their presentation.

In the evening, I had my first physics lab at 7:30-10:30 PM. It was tedious, but I had a good lab partner. Unfortunately, I missed the entire presidential debate. Oh well, I missed it in the name of science.

Tuesday – To make up for missing the presidential debate, I mailed in my absentee ballot. Yay! Though, the debate would not have changed my vote for president.


I met with a professor to discuss research opportunities in the geosciences department. Fortunately, they encourage research from an early start, so I will start contacting professors to explore these opportunities.

Lunch was spent at Forbes College. I had a chicken panini sandwich while looking out across the golf course at The Country Club.

I love walking down the hallways and hearing beautiful music. It makes it feel even more like “Princeton.”

Wednesday– During the afternoon, I went to a guest lecture by a professor from New York University on the ethics surrounding climate change. This event was hosted by Princeton’s renowned philosophy professor Peter Singer. He is another person who I am sure has received death threats for his controversial opinions on social issues, although he is the polar opposite of Dr. George.

I went to a presentation on Princeton’s International Internship Program. It was held in Albert Einstein’s classroom. Nothing new, just another famous thing at Princeton.

Thursday– I learned how to use Google Earth for geological purposes. Apparently, something strange is going on in Oklahoma because it has more low level earthquakes than California.



And oil companies say that fracking doesn’t cause earthquakes? Hmmmmm….

Around noon, I walked into Guyot Hall in an attempt to find a geosciences lecture but stumbled into another lecture about African genomics by a professor from the University of Pennsylvania. It was still very fascinating.

I went to another guest lecture in the afternoon. Dr. Maney came from Boston University to talk about Bill Clinton and how he is similar to the presidents of the Gilded Age.

Thursday was a dreary day at Princeton.

I went to the Graduate School for dinner with a friend. That night, I dined on chicken parmesan, pasta, and M&M cheesecake. Mmmmmmm….so good. I will definitely turn this into a weekly event. We looked around a little. There is a bar in the basement.

Upon returning to Whitman, I went to a French play. Only at Princeton can you watch French theater in the basement of your dorm. The theater program is directed by a man from Lille, see in a black sweater on the right with his back turned in the panoramic picture. There was only one performer. He recounted the story of his mother’s death in a very realistic manner, with flashbacks and flashforwards interjected throughout the play. Several people left the room crying in the middle of the performance. I was just trying to keep up with his quick talking pace. At the end, he showed a picture of his mother and left the room crying. I was rather confused because I was simply trying to understand the French and everyone around me was having an emotional moment.

The latest scandal has erupted at Princeton. Allegedly, was a party hosted at Spelman Halls called “Mandatory Makeout Mexican Mustache Monday Madness Fiesta.” Spelman is located directly behind Whitman, and I never heard of this until my friend showed me the Princetonian article about it. Some students took offense to the stereotypes of Mexicans portrayed by the party’s hosters. Now it is being implied that racism is rampant at Princeton. Let me tell you: it’s not. While I do not condone this stereotype, I think students should lighten up, or as Taylor Swift would say, “Shake it off.”

Friday– A rather uneventful day. I took a long walk around campus. I went to the weekly Speak with Style meeting. For dinner, I had Peruvian lombo saltado beef. Where do they get this stuff? I also learned that the Princeton marching band has names for its sections: flumpets, garbussion, and tubonerphones.


Speak with Style meeting

I applied for a position on The Daily Princetonian‘s editorial board. For those who do not know, The Harvard Crimson and The Daily Princetonian are the gold standards for collegiate newspapers. A few hundred students staff “The Prince” in all. The editorial board decides the official position of the newspaper on various issues both on and off campus. Though I doubt that I will receive this position as a freshman, I figure that it is always worth applying.


Writing my application for the editorial board in Whitman’s library

Finally, a gaggle of very disruptive drunks migrated over to the Whitman courtyard. Apparently they were football players. They were trying, and epically failing, to throw a hacky sack around. A number of them were loudly yelling, and a few were screaming, “Beer Lives Matter.” I despise this buffoonery and need my quotidian repose.


Hooligans! Yes, you. Go frolic in some other college.


Saturday– I went to New York City. This will have its own post.


**UPDATE**– I learned that it is called a “pick up” when an art group “abducts” someone who was admitted after tryouts. After making a ruckus in the residential colleges, the group will whisk the freshman away to a location to go drinking.