“It’s Pretty, Isn’t It, Old Sport”: The Aesthetics of Princeton Part VII

“I think he revalued everything in his house according to the measure of response it drew from her well-loved eyes.”

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald ’17

F. Scott Fitzgerald attended Princeton during the early twentieth century. The typical stereotype of Princeton students generally consists of students wearing suits in a Gatsbyesque manner. Although this no longer occurs, there are some remnants of this era on campus.

These buildings will not woo a southern debutante like Daisy; they will, though, make your friends jealous. Unfortunately, I could not get many good pictures of the interiors of these dorms, but they do have a 1920s ambiance. They have lightly colored wooded floors and extravagant lamps. Also, in Mathey College, every dorm has a fireplace, though they are purely for aesthetics today.

Most students think that the Rockefeller-Mathey dining hall looks like Hogwarts, however I tend to disagree. I think it looks more like an extravagant hall from the Roaring Twenties. The Graduate School’s dining hall is definitely Hogwarts.

What these buildings lack in A/C, they make up for in style. Trust me, the interiors are beyond cool for a college dorm. Perhaps the ghost of Fitzgerald himself goes traipsing through the doors at night, haunting the freshman whose paper is due the next day.