The Mask of Night: The Aesthetics of Princeton Part X

Princeton’s beauty during the day is only matched by its beauty at night. I enjoy walking around the campus in the evening for the sole purpose of looking at the sights. It almost seems like a little Christmas village in a way.

Like the dichotomy in the architecture during the day, there is also a split in the campus’ appearance at night. The modern buildings are emblazoned by their white light from within that is not encumbered by the structures’ many windows. On the other hand, the gothic buildings are colossal black monoliths with little boxes of warm yellow light poking through the openings.

I also think that the streetlamps are cool. Their specially-designed tops allow them to emit light in all directions, making them appear as phosphorescent bulbs glowing in the night. Rockefeller college also has some antiquated hanging lights in their archways that are interesting. To the northwest, Holder Tower looms over the courtyard. The older residential colleges have a solemn ambiance.

Around Cannon Green, Whig and Clio Halls are the silent sentinels that guard Nassau Hall. East Pyne is well lit from the center. Nassau Hall stands majestically behind FitzRandolph Gate as people return from Nassau Street.

My iPhone’s camera is not good at taking night pictures, but I tried. Enjoy!