A Bird’s Eye View: The Aesthetics of Princeton Part XII

This past Sunday I went on a trip to one of the coolest spots on campus: the top of Fine Hall. But getting there is not very easy. Rumors indicated that there was a spectacular view from the top, so I set out to see it for myself.

Fine Hall is quite possibly the most hideous building on campus. It is modern but does not have the sleek look like Lewis Library or Frick Laboratory. The building is also the tallest in Princeton, New Jersey, so you can see its ugliness from all directions. Most of it is occupied by the Mathematics Department.


Fine Hall

I first ascended to the twelfth floor, hoping that the view was there. Unfortunately, it was just offices. I then learned that I had to go to the Professors’ Lounge. Upon returning to the elevator, I realized that this was not possible because a special key is required for the “PL” button to work. To circumvent this, I took the stairs up. At the top, there were several signs that told me this was a professors’ lounge for professors only. I ignored them. Who could possibly be up here on a Sunday morning? Against the advice of the signs, I entered the room through the sketchy door.

The vista was spectacular! There was a 360º view of the campus. New Jersey is rather flat, so I could see for miles.

The lounge itself was nothing special. Only tables, chairs, and some chalkboards with math problems scribbled on them. I chose to not stay for long because I did not want to run into any one of the notoriously grumpy math professors. This foray was definitely worth the risk. The top of Fine Hall is easily the coolest place on campus.