On the Sixth Day God Told Liam to Explore the Seminary: The Aesthetics of Princeton Part XIV

The first stop on my long Saturday promenade was the Princeton Theological Seminary. It is the second oldest seminary in the country and was founded by the Presbyterians, though the majority of students do not necessarily plan to go into the Presbyterian ministry. This school is also one of the preeminent institutions for theologic study. Students have numerous benefits, including the ability to utilize Princeton’s resources.

In the spirit of Protestantism, the buildings had austere façades compared to the lavish collegiate-gothic architecture of the undergraduate college. This does not mean that the campus was lacking in beauty. There was a wide field in the middle that offered sweeping views of the entire school. One interesting thing that I noted was the fact that the campus appeared to be devoid of human life. Do the students sleep in very late on Saturdays? Do they study really hard? Are they worshipping? I just found it eerie that I did not see a single student during my 30 minute walk around the campus.

I crossed the street to look at the Seminary’s library. It is very modern-looking.

**Listen up Princeton friends** I have determined that this is the perfect place to study during the reading week before finals.

First, there were very few people in the library and A LOT of study space. Overall, it was extremely quiet. When I was walking through the rows of books, the only things that I could hear were the sounds of my own breath and heartbeat. The silence was deafening. If you make reservations, you can lock yourself in tower study rooms that are three stories tall. Each one has a window view of the atrium below. They are super cool. In the regular study areas, there are usually only one or two people (sometimes none). There are also special, private quiet rooms that anyone can take to study. I doubt that many undergraduates come over here before finals or at all. The shelves are stacked with books pertaining to theology.

My final thoughts: The Seminary is a peaceful place that is worthy of quiet reflection and meditation. If you are looking for a way to “get away from it all” but not go too far from the University, then this is the right place. I know that I will definitely return for a second trip in the near future.