The Real Country Club: The Aesthetics of Princeton Part XIII

On Thursday, I ventured to Forbes College for lunch. How could I turn down the prospect of a muffuletta sandwich for lunch? After eating a flavorful meal outside, I walked around the Princeton golf course for half an hour.

Technically, Princeton University owns this land. In 10 years, when the lease to the Springdale Country Club terminates, Princeton plans to level the golf course and build some new academic edifices on it. I hope that this does not happen.

The golf course adds a relaxing ambiance to the school. It is also a nice place to walk around. There certainly seemed to be no shortage of people golfing on it.

I examined the clubhouse. The University owns it. From the looks of the outside, it appears to be a food processing building, but the Springdale Country Club website indicates that there is a dining room in it. I could not find an unlocked entry point.

This golf course is one of the epitomes of Princeton. Although there are difficult and stressful moments, Princeton is a glorified country club.