Student and Commander: The Far Side of the E-Quad (The Aesthetics of Princeton Part XVI)

My third and final stop on my Saturday promenade was the Engineering Quadrangle. I quickly ate lunch at Forbes before setting off.


I pity those poor Forbesian engineers

To get there, I had to walk across the entire campus. The engineering quadrangle (E-quad) is the most distant place on campus where students have class. None of the dorms are “close” to it per se. A few are “close-ish” but none are within near proximity. The Forbes–E-quad commute is perhaps the most dreaded in the entire University. I completed it in 30 minutes, although I was not in any rush to get to classes.

Upon arrival, I walked around it. The E-quad is composed mostly of generic brick buildings. There is nothing noteworthy about it.

Directly adjacent to it is the Adlinger Center for Environment and Energy. It has modern architecture that boasts reflective mirrors. I found it to be very interesting.

I walked back and spotted what looked like an Indian wedding that was going to occur in the University Chapel.

Some other sights from my return walk:

After doing this trek, I feel so happy that I am not studying engineering. It would be so much walking each week.

This officially concludes my First Princeton Expedition.