UPDATE- “The Mafia Villa: The Asthetics of Princeton Part XI”

In my “Part XI” post, I proposed the notion that Prospect House is a mafia villa. On Tuesday, I confirmed this prospect of Prospect.

An e-mail was sent out to the freshman class with an invitation to several events to receive feedback on the orientation process. I immediately saw “Prospect House” as one of the locations and immediately signed up. Sure, I would go to give some feedback, however I had a more important mission: to confirm or reject my mafia hypothesis.


I arrived at 12:30 PM. Few students step foot in Prospect House. Even fewer leave it. Yours Truly took a deep breath and opened the door.


Prospect House with mafia SUV in the front

It was gorgeous! The ceilings in the rooms were rather tall. There was marble and gold adornment. Each room seemed to have a mirror. I went to the freshman program. Only three other students attended. The lunch was delectable. Their roast beef sandwich was probably the best that I have ever had. They also served: cranberry-turkey sandwiches, chips, pickles, and wonderful cookies. The rumors about Prospect’s excellent food are true. There is no way that the University provides this kind of high quality food.



Afterwards, Yours Truly poked around a bit. Men in suits crisscrossed the rooms. An important dinner seemed to be occurring in one corner. Obviously it was a meeting of the mob’s head honchos. Some of my pictures are blurry because I was afraid that a mobster would catch me. These are the risks of journalism.

The Garden Room overlooked Prospect Gardens with huge glass windows. In the basement, there was the austere Tap Room where the plebeians and peasantry (i.e. grad students and servants) received their meals. This dichotomy reminded me of the Hotel duPont in Wilmington, Delaware.

Fortunately, I escaped Prospect in one piece, though a lot of people gave me strange looks during my foray. The truth is now on the Internet! Spread the word! Mob money has to be involved because it is impossible that Princeton’s $22.7 billion endowment could pay for such a place. After this visit, I am more convinced than ever before that Prospect House IS a mafia villa.

All in all, it was a successful reconnaissance mission. Although the risk of discovery was great, the food was better. I will definitely return to dine in Prospect House at my next opportunity. Maybe it will be the Mafia’s way of luring me in to silence Yours Truly.


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