Week in Review 10/16-22/16

I forgot to mention a crucial point last week. As the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences’ announcements drew to a close, Princeton walked away with three Nobel Prizes. The first, of whom I already mentioned, was Dr. Duncan Haldane for physics. He is currently a professor of physics at the University. The second prize went to Dr. Oliver Hart GS’74 for economics. Dr. Hart received his Ph.D. from Princeton in 1974 (GS represents a graduate of the Princeton Graduate School) and now teaches at Harvard University.

The third prize was awarded to Bob Dylan H’70 for literature. This is where the University’s connection is a bit tenuous. Princeton gave Mr. Dylan an honorary doctorate in 1970. He wrote a song about it called “Day of the Locusts.” Apparently that means that it “counts” as another Nobel Prize for the University. I reject this notion, but The Daily Princetonian has already claimed him as a Princeton man. He flunked out of the University of Minnesota, so I guess an honorary degree from Princeton is the closest that he ever got to a real college degree.


I guess Princeton is claiming Bob Dylan?

Sunday— I returned from my geoscience trip alive. Yay!

Monday— For dinner, I went to the Rockefeller private dinning room to participate in a focus group on meal plans for the administration. The food was a higher quality than that served in the main dining room. Also, my physics labs are getting harder.

I may have been rejected by The Daily Princetonian editorial board, however they said I had a strong application and referred me to the editorial section. I received an e-mail asking if I would apply. I will.

Tuesday— Speaking of The Daily Princetonian, remember how I said that there were editorial wars over certain controversial opinions? Another one just happened this week. It all started when the Women*s Center displayed a number of provocative posters around campus to advertise their workshops on sexual pleasure. The following week, The Daily Princetonian editorial board wrote that the Women*s Center should provide more programming for conservative women, and that it should use less lewd posters to promote their events (hence “the conservative Ivy” title). This triggered a firestorm in the newspaper as various students and organizations wrote their own letters in response.

I got into Prospect House for a meal too.

Wednesday— During the afternoon, I went to a lecture on the Kerner Report. It was interesting because the lecture featured Princeton’s second most famous, after Dr. Cornel West, professor of African American studies Dr. Eddie S. Glaude, Jr. From the lecture, I learned that most of the interracial problems that fueled the race riots of the late 1960s are what continue to cause racial unrest in the nation today.

I spotted Ken Bone while eating a late meal. It was actually just a student trying to join one of the few fraternities on campus and this was part of his “rush.”


Ken Bone was running for president and had an entourage of cameramen following him

In the evening, I went to the Whig-Clio’s debate party. They were serving free Chick-fil-a! That is one thing that I have dearly missed during these past two months.

Thursday— Around noon, I had my second meeting with a professor to explore research opportunities. Dr. Michael Oppenheimer is a climatologist who was the lead author for one of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s most recent report. He has also been on the Colbert Report and The Oprah Winfrey Show. I can’t believe that these people are this easily accessible to freshmen.

As usual, I ate dinner at the Graduate School. They served chicken parmesan and a custom stir-fry dish.


On my walk back, I saw a protest against solitary confinement.


Solitary confinement protest

Friday— I learned that I was accepted on the the Pace Council for Civic Values. This student group is responsible for much of the service-related activities at Princeton.

That night, I attended the Princeton vs. Harvard Glee Club performance.

Saturday— I spent most of the day at the Princeton vs. Harvard football game. In the evening, I went to the Princeton University Orchestra’s concert. Their lead violinist was amazing.

Listen to a song.


Princeton University Orchestra


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