Autumn: The Aesthetics of Princeton Part XVII

This week definitely marked the peak of the autumn colors at Princeton. I feel obliged to use the word “autumn” instead of “fall” because it sounds more sophisticated and better describes the scenery.

To say it simply, autumn is awesome at Princeton. The trees were set ablaze. Even on cloudy days, the trees lit up the campus. For whatever reason, they seem larger when changing colors. It reminds me of the grandiose depictions of nature in French Rococo art. Sometimes, I walk around for the sole purpose of seeing the foliage. I feel like a tourist at my own school because of the sheer number of pictures that I take. The saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” holds true for these.

As soon as the fallen leaves turn brown, Princeton removes them. Princeton must always look perfect lest prospective students choose to not apply if they get the wrong impression.


Autumn is Princeton’s best season. It’s almost as if the trees are perfectly aligned with the buildings to produce the most picturesque scenery.