Princetoween: Social Life at Princeton Part III

According to upperclassmen, Princeton has its fall break late to prevent students from causing mischief on campus during Halloween. I doubt this notion as the calendar has remained virtually unchanged since the 1940s. For the sake of simplicity, let’s say that their argument is true. The Thursday before fall break is when students make up for this deficiency in a decadent one-night bash of debauchery known as “Princetoween.” Or to put this in English, it is a big drinking night. Yours Truly ventured to The Street sober in order to investigate this phenomenon.

I cannot comment on the best way to party for this event. There are already online guides for that. I can make general comments about what I observed.

At midnight, I departed for Prospect Avenue. By then, Princetoween had already been in full swing for an hour. The closer I was, the more students in costume I saw. Some were creative, others clever. Although their costumes hid their identities, it did not conceal their drunkenness. It was quite an experience walking along The Street. Some students try to complete the Prospect 11 where they drink a beer at each of the eleven eating clubs within three hours.

Some of the costumes that I saw included: guys dressed up as women (there was a surprisingly large number), a blue sweater with “Kale” in white lettering (making fun of Yale), a lot of tigers, Ken Bone, Brexit (where one person had an European Union flag and the other had a United Kingdom flag), nudists on strike (two girls in regular clothes, pretty witty), a big yellow chicken, two Donald Trumps, an actual chill pill, banana, a bra made out of the pre-read book Our Declaration, Waldo (I found him!), Ghostbusters, the giant marshmallow man from “Ghostbusters,” four beer bottles, storm troopers, and Mulder and Scully from “The X-Files” (Mulder’s actor David Duchovny ’82 actually graduated from Princeton).

To me, the funniest part of the evening is that these students are going to be the next business/political/academic leaders of the world. It is also ironic that some of them will go on to become leading conservative politicians who detest such “vices.” Senator Ted Cruz ’92 wasn’t as holy at Princeton and Harvard as he appears today. I personally don’t care what goes on at these parties as long as no one gets hurt; after all, walking around Princetoween was entertaining.