Week in Review 10/23-29/16

Sunday— Upon returning from my Forbes brunch, I noticed an Indian contingent playing cricket in the courtyard.

My RCA, who is the Undergraduate Student Government president, asked me to fill in for someone as a committee chairman during one of their weekly meetings. It was interesting and very similar to the Lodge Executive Committee meetings that I attended in Boy Scouts.


One of the USG’s greatest accomplishments in recent years is prompting a faculty vote to change the academic calendar so that finals are not after winter break. The vote will occur in the spring.

Monday— My Spanish class went to the art museum. We analyzed, in Spanish, two photographs of poor neighborhoods in Buenos Aires.

I attended a lecture titled “How Our Universities Have Betrayed Our Core Constitutional Values.” It was delivered by political commentator Stuart Taylor, Jr. ’70. He criticized the use of Affirmative Action, hypersensitive university atmosphere towards speech, and universities’ terrible record on handling sexual assault cases like that of Duke in 2006.

Tuesday— I took my physics midterm. It was difficult.

Wednesday— I walked into Great Uncle Sam’s house today. It is now the alumni relations office. The receptionist gave a strange stare.

Whitman had a Halloween-themed dinner. Dishes included: vampire fighting chicken, sorcerer’s stew, spider sandwiches, creepy crawler salad, and French fries (because the French are scary enough already).


Part of my zee group goes to Halloween dinner



They spoil me with food

I took my math midterm too. I thought it went well, but my grade says otherwise. View the exam.

Thursday— I took my geosciences midterm. It reminded of the quizzes that I took for competition in Science Olympiad. Princetoween happened at night.


Having a dinosaur stare at you is a very effective way of studying

Friday— I finished my classes, made a quick stop at the chapel, and went home. Along the way, I noticed the high number of people who were taking The Dinky. A quick explanation:

The Dinky is the Princeton Branch of New Jersey Transit. It is the shortest commuter line in the U.S. At one time, it extended all the way to Blair Arch. Then they moved it back near Spelman Hall until the University decided to expand and then moved it back even farther to its present day location near The Fanciest Wawa In The World. The second station was turned into a restaurant. The Great Dinky Robbery occurred in 1963 when some students shot off guns and jokingly “kidnapped” a girl from the train. Surprisingly, they were not expelled. Today, it still serves as the primary line of transportation out of Princeton for students.

Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 6.07.03 PM.png


Princeton University Chapel


See you in a week Princeton!

Saturday— Fall break! Yay! I’m back in Wyoming, Delaware for eight more days.