Fall Break Reflections

I’m finally back home! After living in Delaware for 18 years, it feels strange to have left it for two whole months. Even though Wyoming is still home, it feels different. I now know that all of my return trips are limited in time: gone are the days when I could spend endless carefree weeks in my house. All of my sojourns have an expiration date.

Here are a few things that I had not done for two months until returning home: watched television (other than the presidential debates), read a book for fun, driven a car, eaten a home-cooked meal, and walked my dog (most important).

Still, it was good to be back and see that very little had changed. I feel as though I did homework during most of my time at home. I tried to return to my high school to visit some teachers, but the workers in the office did not allow me through. They obviously don’t know who I am. (cue imaginary laughter)

I watched the homecoming parade and football game. This is only the second CR football game that I have ever watched since enrolling in the high school (with the first being the 2015 homecoming game). The marching band was good and could hold a formation better than Princeton’s band. I don’t think I had ever watched a CR marching band show until that night.


CR homecoming game

During break, I reflected on my Princeton experience.

Princeton knows how to put on a show. At the time, I had not realized that the opening exercises had revealed the many different facets of Princeton: the inspiring collegiate architecture, the sacred pursuit of knowledge, the dedication to service, the century-old traditions, the good ol’ boys club, and the super loyal alumni. In the following two months, I came into contact with each facet again and noticed how important they are to the “Princeton experience.” These exercises were the University’s formal way of introducing them to us.

If you have not done so already, briefly skim through the video of the opening exercises. Although it does not capture the true feelings that coursed through us on that day, it offers a small taste.

The Opening Exercises simply blew away my provincial Delaware mind.

I also realized just how busy I am at Princeton. While it is true that I craft my own schedule, I often pack it full of activities. It was nice to have “nothing” to do for a few hours.

On Sunday, I returned to Princeton re-energized for the next few weeks. I will return to Delaware in three weeks for Thanksgiving break.


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