Week in Review 11/6-12/16

Midterm grades be like:


(That’s not my actual exam. It was actually much worse….just kidding. I already uploaded them for all to see.)

Sunday— I returned to Princeton from Delaware and ascended Cleveland Tower. It is time to return to my daily schedule.


The Dinky was waiting for me


My RCA (third from left) traveled to Silicon Valley during break and presented a “Party With Meg” shirt to Meg Whitman

Monday— A friend in my zee group asked me for a quote on Sunday, and it was published in The Daily Princetonian.

At noon, there was a small ceremony at the front of Nassau Hall that commemorated the Chicago Cub’s historic victory. A few year ago, President Eisgruber promised to some students that he would fly the Cubs’ win flag over Nassau Hall. They won, so the flag was flown. We sang the Cubs’ baseball hall and listened to a chaplain’s prayer that called for their victory next year.

After my Spanish class, I was walking through East Pyne’s arch and casually passed by Dr. Cornel West. Famous people are everywhere at Princeton.

I returned to the Mafia Villa for a dinner with the James Madison Program. One of the visiting scholars discussed with us his paper on Leo Strauss and natural rights. The food was excellent. Again, I escaped from the mafia safe and sound.

Tuesday— I attended the weekly geosciences lecture and appreciated the free catered lunch. The lecture was on the subject of modeling the lunar dynamo.

In the afternoon, I received an e-mail saying that I was accepted as an opinion writer for The Daily Princetonian. I may start writing less on this website as I start to write more for the “Prince.”

Election night happened.

Wednesday— There was an anti-Trump rally in front of Nassau Hall. It was a miserably cold and wet evening. Still, I went to see what was happening. The rally was organized by a local Hispanic social justice group. Everything was peaceful; it featured the usual speeches, chants, and parading around campus. They emphasized the need for peaceful protests. I estimate that at least 200 students attended this protest. In the following days, there were other anti-Trump rallies, but I did not attend. I have accepted the fact that he will indeed be our 45th President.

Thursday— I attended a lecture by a Yale professor on how an Icelandic volcano affected the Ottoman Empire in Egypt during the 1780s.

On my walk back to my dorm, I spotted a furry denizen that frequents the trash cans of Whitman. A fat raccoon (at least the size of my dog) walks around the sidewalks in this area. I tried to take a picture, but he scurried away too quickly.

Friday— Studying

Saturday— More studying

Enjoy these autumn photographs:

Night photographs:



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