Social Life at Princeton Part IV: The Orange and Black Ball

The evening of Friday, November 18 was a lot of fun. I had crammed my schedule with a number of events.

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First, I went to the Princeton University Orchestra’s performance in the Rockefeller common room. It was a splendid setting for such a concert. They played traditional classical pieces and concluded with Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.

Then, I ran over to McCarter Theater to watch The Triangle Club’s 125th anniversary show. A lot of alumni were in the audience. I also saw a lot of top administrators, like President Eisgruber and Dean Dolan. The show was titled “Greece’d Lightning” and featured a series of vignettes that occurred in ancient Greece. It was funny in a nerdy kind away; the show was peppered with puns that included, “Hey Homer, how was your day? Epic.” There was also a tragic choral version of Greased Lightning that made the audience laugh. At the end, they brought F. Scott Fitzgerald’s granddaughter onto the stage and officially inducted her grandfather into the Class of 2017. Fitzgerald flunked out of Princeton because he spent too much time on nonacademic endeavors, such as writing shows for The Triangle Club.

When the show finished, I raced back to my dorm and got dressed for the Orange and Black Ball (OBB). Some of the readers may remember my previous, and only other, foray into a school dance this past May. I will admit that my experience at the OBB was not quite as exciting. I decided to go stag President Hollande style in the name of journalistic freedom.

The OBB used to be a regular dance at Princeton until it stopped after 1960. It was revived in 2011 as an inclusive event for the entire campus.

In a way, it was like a megasized high school dance with a bit less dancing and a bit more of a Princeton flourish. A photo booth was near the entrance. All of the lights in Dillon Gymnasium were dimmed, and a live band was in the back. I noticed that there were tables for Black Jack and other gambling games, though a friend later told me that they did not bet real money. Poker tables at a dance? This seems like such a Princeton thing. As is the case with many other Princeton events, there was free food. I wandered around for an hour talking to any friends that I saw before leaving slightly past midnight.

It was a good Friday evening that had a lot of traditional Princeton activities. I hope that there will be similar nights like this in the spring.

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