Week in Review 11/27-12/3/16

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My small international audience seems to be growing. Other than France and Ecuador, I have no idea who these people are. If you are one of the international visitors who is reading my website, please send me a message!


Sunday— Going back to Nassau Hall from Thanksgiving Break. Everything looks the same as when I left it.

Monday— The USG campaigns started. I made Facebook announcements and posted signs around campus.

Tuesday— I attended the weekly geosciences lecture with a catered lunch. It was about modeling the lunar dynamo.

Around 5:00 pm, I helped the debate team with preparations for the Princeton Classic, their annual high school speech tournament. I mostly aided them with printing and stapling judging sheets.

At night, I began door-to-door campaigning in Fisher Hall of Whitman College. After meeting with people for two hours, I had nearly completed the dorm complex. I spent Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday nights door-to-door campaigning as well.

Thursday— As I walked back to Whitman after campaigning, I stumbled upon an Arch Sing. The Tiger Lilies were singing their renditions of Christmas carols under Blair Arch. There was a small crowd watching them, so I joined in.

Friday— I made the long walk to Forbes College in the wee hours of the morning (7:30 am). A student had requested a breakfast with me to talk about my campaign. I spent an hour talking to her and one of my competitors, who eventually won, during the meal.

In the evening, I started staffing the Princeton Classic. My job consisted of doing whatever the event’s organizers told me to do. I mostly worked at an outside concessions stand.

On my walk home, I spotted some luminaries lining the sidewalk near Frist. I believe that they represent solidarity with victims of domestic violence.

Saturday & Sunday— I continued to work on staff at the Princeton Classic. On these days, I served as a judge for the speech competitions. While many of the students were great speakers, they couldn’t compare to those that I had seen at Boys State, the American Legion Oratorical, or Sons of the American Revolution oration contest.

I also spent a lot of time studying for my quizzes in the next week.

Monday— I attended a guest lecture at the Woodrow Wilson School on the politicization of the Supreme Court.

Tuesday— Around noon, I again went to the weekly geosciences lecture. The free lunch makes it worth going.

I received free food once more at a Whig-Clio guest speaker event called “Women in Congress.” It featured three guests: Congresswoman Nan Hayworth ’81 (R), Congresswoman Marjorie Margolies (D), and Class of 2012 President/candidate for Congress Lindy Li (D). It was fascinating to hear their insight on Congress and running for office.

The funniest story came from Li. During the dinner session after the lecture, Whig-Clio members had an opportunity to talk with all three women. I sat at Li’s table with some friends. She very much has a Type-A personality. Despite her outgoing nature, she told us that she is too nervous to ask out a man that she has a crush on. In order to do this, she is throwing an elaborate reunion party for the Class of 2012 with the secret intention of asking this guy on a date. You simply can’t make this stuff up. It sounds like something straight out of The Great Gatsby. Maybe there is some truth in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novels.

Wednesday— I learned that I was accepted to the geosciences freshman seminar. This means that I will be going to France and Spain during spring break!

Later, I went to a training on dinner etiquette in Forbes College. The primary trainers were from Greece and Lebanon. They taught us all of the little details about dining.

At the same time, Forbes had a Harry Potter dinner. The head of the college was dressed in robes like Dumbledore. A few students even wore costumes. You can’t get much nerdier than wearing Harry Potter costumes at Princeton…

Thursday— Once more, I went to the Mafia Villa for a James Madison Program dinner. The researcher talked about how conservative justices on the Supreme Court do not actually practice judicial restraint as Republican president suggest they would during confirmation hearings. He reminded us that a conservative dominated Supreme Court delivered the verdicts for Roe v. WadeNational Federation of Independent Business v. Sibelius, and Obergefell v. Hodges.

Afterwards, I went to the Pace Council for Civic Value’s Open Mic Night. It was an event where various people presented their reflections on service to an audience. Some people sung, others read poetry, and a few simply told us about their experiences.

Friday— The USG election results were released. I didn’t win. No surprise there.

Following dinner, I went to the BodyHype show. Princeton has a strong dance program. This group was very talented and performed in a variety of styles.

A bit later, I watched the Quipfire improv show at Frist.

Saturday— For dinner, I went to Forbes to meet another Delawarean who is a freshman. My Secretary of State from Boys State had connected me to him. He went to Archmere and is a computer science major. I then looked through Tigerbook and found all of the other Delaware students. I am planning to meet with all of them after break.

An hour later, I went to the Freshman One Act Festival at Theater Intime. I knew two of the directors and some of the actors, so I decided to support their work. The festival featured three single act plays. Good job to everyone involved!

To finish the night, I briefly went to the Freshman winter formal. More on that in a later post.

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