Winter Formals: Social Life at Princeton Part V

Every year, the eating clubs hold winter formals on the weekend before Christmas. It is like a series of dances that occur on Prospect Avenue.

Unfortunately for the underclassmen, this means that The Street is closed for a night, and there will not be any partying for them. To remedy this, the freshman student government threw a party in Campus Club. USG also held a cocktail party, without the cocktails, in the Shultz dining room of Robertson Hall. Yours Truly put on a blazer and tie to investigate.

The USG party was nearing an end by the time I arrived at 10:00 pm. It was rather calm. I grabbed some free food and said hi to a few people before leaving.

Campus Club was different. It was decorated according to a Great Gatsby theme. There was much more food, so I grabbed a plateful of it and briefly talked to some friends. The party also featured a dance room and a television room. After twenty minutes, I left to investigate the Street further.

Compared to other nights, Prospect was quiet. As usual, there were a few drunken geniuses and future world leaders stumbling about but not as many as a regular evening. Each eating club had a different type of party. Some seemed to have serious ballroom dancing, while others, like Colonial, appeared to have their regular crowded parties with the only difference being that attendees wore suits.

Eventually, the cold began to numb my hands, so I walked back to Whitman. Perhaps Winter Formals will be more fun when I am an upperclassman.

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