Famous People That Come to Princeton: Art Garfunkel

Famous people frequently visit Princeton. Or study at Princeton. Or send their children to Princeton. Or teach at Princeton. Or donate a lot of money to Princeton. Or politic their way into being on the Board of Trustees of Princeton. Simply put, there are famous people all over the place at Princeton.

Icona Pop was the main act for Lawnparties. Today Art Garfunkel, of the renowned Simon and Garfunkel duo, performed at Princeton. The tickets were free.

Richardson Auditorium was packed. Nearly every seat was taken. I had to sit in the balcony. When Garfunkel came onto the stage, the crowd erupted into applause. He thanked everyone and then started performing. Garfunkel sang most of the group’s best know songs. In between each tune, he read some of his own original poetry. Even though he is 75 years old, his voice is still in excellent condition.

About two thirds of the way through the program, he had a thirty minute question and answer session. When someone asked him if he would perform with Paul Simon again, he said, “it seems doubtful.”At the end, he closed the show by singing “The Sounds of Silence.”

I am not a music connoisseur, but I enjoyed the event. During my senior year of high school, I had analyzed the lyrics of “The Sounds of Silence” for an English class project. Little did I know at that time that, a year later, I would hear Art Garfunkel himself sing this song.


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