Week in Review 12/11-17/16

As of Monday, I can state that my humble blog has been read on six of the seven continents. Now I need to find a geosciences professor to view it on their trip to Antarctica to complete the list!


Sunday— I went to the weekly chapel service. It was like most Christian church services, featuring prayer, readings, and a sermon.

Monday— In the evening, I watched a lecture hosted by the Princeton Conservation Society on marine animals that live along the coast of New Jersey.

Afterwards, I attended a Whig-Clio debate about the normalization of U.S.-Cuba relations. This time, I was only a spectator in the audience.  Voting Record

Tuesday— Garfunkel performed at Princeton in the afternoon.

I practiced playing the saxophone with the Princeton University Band.

Wednesday— My first article was published in The Daily Princetonian!

Whig-Clio elections were held in the late afternoon. Two of my friends were elected to the chairmanships of the Whig and Clio parties. The elections seemed a lot less cutthroat than those for Lodge and Section Chief in the Boy Scouts. We ate dinner together in the Rockefeller dining hall to celebrate their elections.

Thursday— My second “Prince” article was published!

I had an interesting homework assignment for my geosciences class this week. We had to walk around campus to analyze the stones of which various landmarks were composed and assess their quality as a building material. From this, I learned that the marble of Whig and Clio Halls is dissolving and the sandstone of Nassau Hall is constantly eroding away. Afterwards, we studied the rock compositions of several ancient artifacts in the Princeton University Art Museum.

Friday— My classes ended for the semester, though I still have final exams after my holiday vacation.

I returned to Delaware safe and sound in the afternoon.

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