Weeks in Review 1/8-28/17

1/8— I returned to Princeton after a nice Christmas break.

1/10— I attended a workshop on speaking for interviews at Career Services. It was a lot of fun.

At night, a few people from Whitman gathered in the common room to watch President Obama’s farewell address. I was captivated by his speech.

1/11— The weather was really weird. When I went to bed, it felt like it was 30ºF with a 15 mph wind and there was snow everywhere. When I woke up, it was 55ºF without wind and all of the snow had melted. It was as if it had instantly disappeared.

1/12— My geosciences class went on a field trip to the Museum of Natural History in New York City. We started in the Hayden Planetarium and then went to a few geology exhibits. All of the students had to complete a worksheet about what we saw. I then went with a group of friends to look at the dinosaur exhibits.

1/13— The Daily Princetonian published its annual joke edition. I didn’t write for it but enjoyed reading through the various articles. Some of them seemed like realistic stories.

I spent most of the day at the graduate school for a retreat with the PCCCV. We set a schedule for the Pace Center for the coming semester.

1/14— In the evening, I played in the Princeton band for the men’s and women’s basketball games against Yale. It was a lot of fun. We spent most of the time watching the games but played during time outs and at halftime. The Superstars show in the middle of the game was very funny.

1/15— As usual, I went to brunch at Forbes College. When I arrived, I saw a friend with Whig-Clio and decided to eat with him. His roommate was with him too. While we were eating, he asked for my name and instantly recognized it even though we had never met before. I learned that he was in a writing seminar called “Speech Acts.” The final assignment of the class (due on Dean’s Date) was an op-ed. His professor allowed the class to choose between two articles to use as an example: a column from the New York Times and my essay on the sanctuary campus movement. The students chose my column. So, I guess there are at least three people who read The Daily Princetonian.

In the following weeks, I met two other people who told me about this. One was a friend that I made on the art trip to New York City in November. The other was one of the freshman class officers when I went to pick up some Princeton gear. On January 25, I received my writing seminar placement for the second semester. I am in “Speech Acts.”

1/16— A number of Dean’s Date eve activities occurred.

1/17— Dean’s Date has arrived and no one is happy about it.

1/19— I went to the twelfth floor of Fine Hall (not the professor’s lounge) at night. It had a pretty vista of Princeton, though I believe that the view during the day is better.

1/20— I had my physics exam on this day. I thought that it was not too difficult. After it ended, I went to the Whig-Clio inauguration party to watch Donald Trump get sworn in as president. Did this really just happen?

1/21— I went to New York City for a day.

1/22— Instead of going to Forbes, I ate brunch at the graduate school.

1/24— My math exam was today. I thought that it was difficult. Afterwards, I had an interview for a PEI internship that goes to the Bahamas.

1/25— I had a second interview for the same PEI internship.

1/26— The geosciences exam was in the afternoon. It’s over. Free at last!

1/27— I took the trains from Princeton to Wilmington, arriving at the one and only Joseph R. Biden station. Thanks Joe Biden!

1/28— I went back to the north with a Scouting event at Carroll County Community College called #LEAD. It was good to see some friends again.

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