Weeks in Review 3/6-17/17

College is starting to seem like a survival show. “I’ve survived 18 weeks on this deserted island and there are still no signs of rescue.” That being said, it is a very nice deserted island with 5,000 other people.

Monday— I walked around the lower levels of Firestone Library. The rare books section is aesthetically pleasing. In particular, the Scheide Library is very classy.

For dinner, I attended a dinner for the James Madison Program. A visiting scholar from Poland discussed her paper about how hope should be perceived as a necessary virtue in a democratic society.

At the debate meeting, I participated in my first debate. It was rather fun, and I had to think quickly on the spot.

Tuesday— As usual, I went to the weekly geoscience department lecture. This one was about environmental martyrdom.

In the afternoon, I went to an information session for the Rhodes and Marshall Scholarships. The room was packed, so the competition for them must be fierce. My junior friends were surprised that I attended as a freshman. Still, it looks like a worthwhile goal to pursue.

Thursday— There were some drunkards singing an obscene song at an obnoxiously loud volume late at night in the courtyard. How dare they keep me from my 8 hours of sleep!

Friday— The weather changed quickly overnight from balmy spring temperatures to frigid winter chills overnight. I think that a storm’s a’comin’.

Saturday— My sixth article was published in The Daily Princetonian. Businessman Martin Shkreli has recently made several appearances on the Facebook meme pages “Princeton Memes for Preppy af Teens” and “Harvard Memes for Elitist 1% Tweens.” I decided to share my thoughts.

Tuesday— It snowed nearly 8 inches. All of my classes were cancelled. I walked around the campus a lot to check out the pretty scenery. At night, the snow reflects the warm yellow streetlights to create a fuzzy glow around the gothic buildings.

While my physics class was cancelled, the midterm exam was not. It was tough.

Wednesday— I had to take my math midterm exam. It was slightly better than I had expected.

Thursday— Project groups were announced for my freshman seminar. I was placed into a group that would study the stratigraphy of the cliffs at Zumaia, Spain.

Friday— With all of my classes being completed, I lined up with my classmates on Ivy Lane to depart for France and Spain with my freshman seminar.

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