Lawnparties Round 2: Social Life at Princeton Part VII

The second time around at Lawnparties was no different than the first. At their finest, Lawnparties are, to borrow F. Scott Fitzgerald’s words, an, “orgy of sociability.”

For upperclassmen, the fun begins on Friday and Saturday night when the eating clubs hold houseparties. Some have semiformal dances followed by formals the next night. Like most other social events with the eating clubs, it involves a lot of drinking from what I can deduce. This year, the administration invited comedian Hasan Minhaj to perform during the 9:00 pm-11:00 pm timeframe for the sole purpose of keeping people from drinking.

But everything culminates in the pièce de résistance that is Lawnparties on Sunday. Students wake up at 7:00 am and start pre-gaming — meaning they go to a party and drink hard alcohol to get drunk fast — with their friends. Then, they trickle over to the Woodrow Wilson School to get pictures in front of Robertson Hall, the fountain, or Prospect Gardens.

Afterwards, students walk — or stumble for those who are intoxicated — around Prospect Avenue as they hop from club to club. Each eating club has its own band. There is nowhere else in the world where you can hear a rapper say, “Princeton! Take your middle finger and shove it up your anus. It’s freedom of expression” to a bunch of people dressed in Vineyard Vines. How wonderful. Most of the students listening were probably too drunk to even understand or remember. At the end of the afternoon Jeremih performed in Quadrangle’s back yard at 3:00 pm as the main act.

To fit in with the crowd, Yours Truly donned khakis, a blue shirt, and a blazer. When I arrived around 1:00 pm, I encountered a sea of pastel pinks, whites, blues, and greens. Since it was a bit cooler than in the fall, there were fewer eye-catching outfits. I posed for a few group pictures with the debate team and then walked around with some friends. There were a bunch of food trucks. All of them were free, so I loaded up. Campus Club also had free pizza, lemonade, and Rita’s water ice. I was stuffed by the end of the day. It began to rain around 3:00 pm, so I didn’t stay for Jeremih.

Instead, I walked around campus. Eventually, I read a book on American history in one of Chancellor Green’s comfy chairs until somebody kicked me out.

For many students, Lawnparties is the pinnacle of social life. Classes have either just ended or are yet to begin, so they indulge in decadence during three days of revelry. For me, it’s just another day at Princeton.

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