I graduated from Caesar Rodney High School, located in Camden, Delaware, in 2016. Now, I am studying geosciences in Princeton University’s Great Class of 2020.
The aim of this blog is to provide insight about my everyday life at Princeton. It is intended for family, friends, teachers, and prospective applicants. To the applicants, I do not plan to provide many college application tips, rather I wish to illustrate an unembellished view of student life at Princeton, so that you may determine for yourselves if this is really where you wish to spend the next four years of your lives.

This blog’s name is derived from the title of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel This Side of Paradise, which is partly set at Princeton University during the early twentieth century.

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All events are true as written. But I omit the names of classmates and professors unless they appear in the Daily Princetonian or another publication in regard to a depicted event.